Rachel A.B. McQuillen, PE Accepts the Fellow Grade Award

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has recognized Rachel A.B. McQuillen, PE, Vice President of Project Management at CME Associates, Inc., for her impact on the Society as well as the engineering community with the Fellow Grade award. Ms. McQuillen will accept the award at SWE’s annual conference, WE19, in Anaheim, Calif. Nov. 9, 2019 during the formal awards banquet.

Ms. McQuillen is a past National President for the Society of Women Engineers (2002-2003) and has been a Life Member of SWE since 1992. In addition, she is currently serving as the Counselor to the SWE UConn Student Section. The Fellow Grade award recognizes Ms. McQuillen for her continuous service to the advancement of women in the engineering profession for the past 30 years.

“I am truly honored to be recognized for my contributions to mentoring other women in engineering and for promoting the Society of Women Engineers as the principal organization for supporting our members from their college years, through their professional careers and into retirement,” said Ms. McQuillen, Vice President of Project Management.

The award also recognizes Ms. McQuillen’s continuing dedication to SWE’s mission – striving to highlight the impact and importance of women in engineering across the globe, leading by example, and demonstrating that a career in engineering can be a fulfilling, rewarding pursuit for women of any background.

“The men and women recognized have lived and learned through significant contributions to the engineering community, and they continue to lead in their careers and personal lives,” said Cindy Hoover, president of SWE. “They are leaders paving the way to empower and inspire future women engineers across the globe.”

For more information about SWE, visit www.swe.org.