CME recognized as one of Hartford’s Most Innovative Office Space

CME recently designed and relocated our corporate headquarters to Storrs Center near the University of Connecticut’s Main Campus and Connecticut branch office to 101 East River Drive in East Hartford, CT.

Our strategy was focused on attracting new talent with an open concept office design that would increase collaboration, training, shadowing and reverse-shadowing for the benefit of interns and junior engineers. Each of our new and vibrant locations features projector walls, lots of daylight, a unique use of bright colors in both paint and fabrics, and ergonomic sit-stand desks. Large multipurpose kitchens were designed to also serve as an open collaboration space. The well-equipped café spaces feature expansive outdoor views with coffee and espresso machines, bar-height tables, and TV walls serving as a social hub, creating a fun space for employees to gather.

CME’s workstations were designed to support one-on-one collaboration with the ability to turn an individual’s workspace into a chair where a visiting colleague can sit comfortably. These purposeful spaces also provide plug-and-play technology so that information could be more easily shared among team members, and better support virtual collaboration.

The East Hartford office also features four uniquely named and decorated conference rooms chosen by employees; Union Station, Gillette Castle, Mystic Seaport, and Talcott Mountain, representing local landmarks in Connecticut. One of the greatest benefits of all is that after many years apart on two floors in the previous office space, the entire East Hartford team is once again reunited.

Each of these solutions was achieved via collaboration and communication between CME and contracted design teams. Infinity Group of Bloomfield, CT contributed to the design and construction of CME’s Storrs office location at 33 Wilbur Cross Way and Fremont Group of West Hartford, CT was responsible for the design and build-out of the new office space at 101 East River Drive.

From our new locations, CME will continue to offer planning, design, transportation and environmental services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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